About The Monzo Media Productions Team

joe monzo headshot 2020

Joe Monzo – Owner, Lead Videographer, Professional Pizza Eater

Monzo Media Productions founder, Joe Monzo, discovered his passion for telling stories through video and film back in high school in 2005 and continued working on his craft through college at Albright College. Joe established Monzo Media Productions in 2016 after spending a few years freelancing, knowing that businesses and independent private schools need a way to fight through all of the content noise out on the web-and that solution is compelling video. Joe’s passion deep down is simply making a difference; Video is his way of doing that. When he’s not working, Joe loves staying active, spending time with loved ones and traveling.

The MMP Team

Earl S.

Lighting master, Cinematographer, Drone pilot, Flawed Perfectionist

Joe W.

Editor, Motion Graphics Editor, Optimistic Golfer

Seth S.

Editor, Event Editor Specialist, Jazz Hands Expert