Hear From Some Of Our Super Happy Clients

Working with Lori at Upland Country Day School is always such a blast. We’ve worked on dozens of videos so far and continue to create content for them. Learn how Upland is working its way to no longer be the best kept secret in Chester County.

It’s been a great pleasure to work with Lisa Howell of DV Friends School and creating great video content to generate more school visits and applications. Learn how Lisa and the school utilizes a variety of different videos for their marketing efforts.

Rachael and I actually went to the same college together so when we both learned that we were running our companies and had some synergy, we were able to collaborate pretty quickly on some non-profit clients. Take a look at how this partnership was able to help out some non-profits in the area with compelling video!

Eric Schreiber runs a marketing and creative agency for the animal health industry so video is a big part of the strategy for many of his clients. One particular client had a pretty big request but I’ll let him talk about it :). Learn how we work with Eric and his team to create engaging videos. Fun fact, his son composes some of our music for our videos!

David runs the Video Strategist Collective mastermind and while he is not a client he has
seen how we have invested in ourselves firsthand on video strategy. Take a listen!

Hill Top Prep was one of the first schools that we had the chance to work with in our multi video strategy. There was such a sense of love and passion within the community, it was easy to create the content. Learn how Michele was able to utilize the videos to communicate the school’s message.

Having authentic video and professional video doesn’t have to be a separate item. Brenda Andressen’s (and her partner Catherine) start up, The Bridge Club needed a video that conveyed their message without it looking too scripted. Learn how far they have come since their launch in Feb. 2018 and how video plays a factor in their marketing.

My financial advisor was able to introduce me to Elise Chesson, the new executive director of Family Promise of Berks, a non profit that helps keep the families together during difficult times. Elise knew exactly how she wanted to tell the stories of the various people involved with the organized and this project has been such a blessing to work on. Learn how they use the videos to create an awareness for the programs.

Raymond Lee’s company had begun to really take off and he needed to create some compelling video to make sure he was able to clearly articulate his value proposition. The first video we did for him has turned into many videos for marketing purposes, internal product, and even some videos for his clients! He’s been a tremendous supporter both as the CEO of Careerminds and PSPS President. Learn how video has helped his company grow!

We really enjoyed working with Jason to create compelling videos for his photography business. Learn how he worked with us and how it’s important to combine video and digital marketing.