Differences Between a Freelancer and a Video Production Company

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When you’ve decided to embark on a video production project, your next step is to decide who you’d like on your team to help achieve your goals. There are two main options for your project: hire a freelancer or partner with a video production company. Each organization will have unique needs for its project, and some types of video production partners will fit better than others in terms of sharing aspirations and meeting requirements.

Knowing the differences between a freelancer and a video production company, specifically the nuances of working with each, is very important in understanding how they will help your project move forward.

Benefits and Downfalls of Hiring Freelancers

Freelancers are individuals who offer their services for hire. They do not belong to a structured team of people under one company name – they work alone or collaborate with other freelancers or companies you’ve hired. Sometimes, companies hire freelancers as subcontractors if they need someone with a specific skill or to help alleviate the workload.

As one person, a freelancer typically has one or two main services that they offer as their specialty. For example, you could hire a freelancer for filming, editing, motion graphics, or animation. While this means that they are highly specialized in a particular skill, it also means that they generally lack experience in other areas. If they do offer to help in other areas, it can be difficult for them to deliver on all the necessary tasks within the timeline you require or meet your standards. Unfortunately, these issues often lead to production delays, sending your budget into a tailspin.

One benefit to hiring freelancers is that they tend to be more affordable because they typically lack the overhead of working with companies. At the same time, they mainly focus on creating the content. They won’t be able to provide the same well-rounded business experience as companies when it comes to assisting with organization, production, marketing, and distribution. If you choose to hire several freelancers to meet all your needs, they will likely be unacquainted with each other, leading to creative differences and an inability to get on the same page. Time spent collaborating, scheduling meetings, and sharing content over email can lead to costly delays and frustration.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Video Production Company

Video production companies can consist of small or large teams, but overall, they are comprised of several individuals who each bring their own assets to the table. Instead of being limited to one or two specialties, a video production company will work with you from the beginning to the end of your project, offering a fully organized experience. 

From the start, a video production company will discuss your goals with you and help to build an overall strategy. They can help you organize your entire project from start to finish and fill every need that you have for production, editing, and distribution. If they don’t have a team member who can meet your needs, they can hire and manage subcontractors to fill those gaps.

With a full team of professionals and a structured organization, video production companies are often more expensive than freelancers due to overhead costs. The extra expense is usually worth the money, however, as these companies can be more efficient and make for more reliable production partners. As an organization leader, you’ll enjoy your experience with a video production company much more because they can act as a professional project partner throughout the process.

Looking to Hire a Video Production Company?

When you’ve made the choice to hire a video production company, your next step is to find one with the experience, passion, and reputation to satisfy your project goals and exceed your expectations. If you’re looking for more information about what your experience with a video production company would be like, or if you’d like to get started on your project, contact Monzo Media Productions.

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