Frequently Asked Questions

We work with a variety of different businesses, Private Schools (K-12), and a variety of different non-profit organizations. We do not do weddings, personal parties, live streaming, children sports recordings, or real estate videos. All of our videos have marketing/sales and or recruitment purposes

We handle a variety of different types of videos including branding videos, testimonial videos, recruitment videos, deep dive of a service videos, animation videos, speaker reels, event recap videos, and training videos. Many of these have other branches that expand to different types of videos as well since many people call the names of these types of videos differently.

Every project is different so every price is different and customized to our clients. We aren’t Fiverr or Upwork and we will note quote to the bottom of the barrel but we also are not the most expensive option either.

We are based in the Greater Philadelphia area but we have clients all over the country such as CA, NH, NJ, DE, MI, IL, and more.

Ideally, we are working on the whole video from start to finish but many times we are only working on the editing. It depends on the circumstances and needs of the client on what makes the most sense.

We assist with video marketing consultation which is our standard. If more detailed services are needed we can take them up in a case by case scenario or refer you to some of our partners who are experts in those particular areas.

We have a process that keeps the flow of the projects going smoothly. It’s important that we follow these guidelines and steps. Check out this video to see what that looks like. Also check out our page on this very topic: Our Process

Most of the time there are two or three of us on set for filming but every now and then we need a few more or sometimes we only need one person on set. It all depends on the project.

We’ll go through a discovery process to learn more about your organization but many times the clients are new to video marketing so it becomes our job to help guide them through the process and make recommendations based on that.

Captions and subtitles are becoming more important for a variety of reasons. Luckily most social media platforms can provide captions after you have uploaded your videos. We can however assist with captions and subtitles as needed.

Video can be used in a variety of different online platforms like your website, social media, paid ads, email marketing, and more.