Branding Video

A branding video the video that highlights what you do and what makes you uniquely different. This video should be the centerpiece of your website and marketing as it explains the core information of your business in three minutes or less. Generally it has a combination of interviews from the staff/owner, customer testimonial and cinematic visuals that tells a compelling story about your customer’s journey and the experience they’ll have when they work with you. Of course sometimes it can vary on how we decide to tell the story. Check out this example of Delaware Valley Friends School and hear from the students on why they love the school.

Service Based Video

A service based video is a deeper dive into a specific service you offer.
You might have multiple services you offer that we briefly mention in your main business promo; however, with the service video, we solely focus one specific service offering. This one to two minute video will focus on that one specific service and how you go through that process and how your customers have enjoyed the end result of your work. Or if you are just launching it, having an explanation of the service is also great! This is great if you offer many different services. Check out our example from Careerminds Evergreen Program.

Motion Graphics Video

Sometimes concepts can be very abstract. A motion Graphics video is a great way to incorporate visuals that might be difficult to film and explain concepts in a more concise way. Many explainer videos use motion graphics based videos so that their prospects have a better understanding of what they offer and how a particular system works. You can utilize these types of videos in a similar way to your business promo video or you can use it for different purposes. In this example, DVFS used this video to overcome objections of tuition for their school.

Product Video

After spending thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours on tests, months, sometimes year perfecting a product, you have it finalize and ready to deliver to the public. That’s great but what’s not great is if the marketing plan for that product is weak or non existent. We can help bring the product to life, showcase what problems it solves, how it works, and how it will changes lives. In this example we created this product video of an intelligent pet feeder that includes B-roll, music and a voiceover track (Plus it has so many cute dogs and cats!)

Event Video

Events are always fun! But sometimes having a certain number of people show up for these events can make or break it. Events videos are great because they can be used to showcase the energy, speakers, location/venue and what you will learn or get out of the event. Then you can use the video for the following year’s event. Check out the recap event video we filmed for PSPS (for the 4th year in a row!)

Training Video

Training videos can be boring…sometimes that’s ok. The first thing someone might think of for a training video is something long and boring, where someone is just lecturing. Well depending on the product, service that might be true but we always like to add some fun to it.Length of the training videos shouldn’t be quite as important. The key here to make sure the content is easy to understand. Check out this video we did for Pals For Life. This is used for they volunteer training. We incorporated B-roll footage to show exactly what needs to happen when operating as a volunteer (and what isn’t allowed to happen).