Three Criteria For Having an Explainer Video

Why you should have an explainer video for your business

An explainer video is a type of video that, as it’s name suggests, explains an idea, a process, a product, or service. It can be shot on video or use a well crafted animation to help explain the topic. Let’s chat about some of the criteria to creating an explainer video.

  1. Engage- An explainer video is a great way to keep people engaged whether it’s located on your website or social media. It’s also a great way to continue or start a conversation with a client. With video consuming so much web traffic it’s now more important than ever to make sure your video is engaging and effectively communicating with your audience.
  2. Educate- An explainer video is a great way to showcase an answer that a client may have questions about your product or service. Maybe the client is new to this process or maybe they are curious as to how your idea and approach is different from others. Through education, people will begin to understand how they can see themselves using your product or service to benefit themselves and/or their company.
  3. Convert- The bottom line is, we want our audience to buy our product or service. There should be a strong call to action at the end, just like any other video. But because an explainer should be engaging and educational, the converting really should be from those two elements. If the video is engaging, people will become interested. When people become interested they want to learn more. When you teach and educate them more, they begin to understand and then begin to think “What if I had that” or “What if I could be a part of that” or “I think this will work for me.”

Explainer videos are a powerful form of engaging and educating your clients. You can cut out a lot of time trying to explain it yourself and at the same time keep your audience interested so that eventually they will begin buying. I could probably make a much longer post about the elements of a successful explainer video but I’ll save that another day :). You can check out an example of an explainer video I have for Monzo Media Productions right here.

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