What Do You Wear to Your Video Shoot?

What to wear to a video shoot

Picking an outfit for a video shoot can be strangely stressful, since you know the video will be sticking around for a while. Video content is also an investment, so you feel extra pressure to get it right the first time. When you’re giving an interview or testimonial, you’ll want to wear an outfit that is professional and exudes confidence. When we dress at our best, we tend to feel more self-assured, which has a direct impact on how we present ourselves on camera. In order to capture the attention of your audience, you’ll want an outfit that presents you well as a representative of your brand. In this post, we’ll provide some tips to help select the right kind of outfit that we regularly give to our clients, and talk about some choices that you’ll want to avoid for a video shoot.

Color Schemes to Choose and Avoid

Selecting the colors of your outfit is crucial to putting together the right look for your video shoot, and showing up well on camera. Red, blue, and grey are all solid choices, but you’ll want to avoid putting together an outfit that’s only white or black. If you do choose to feature black in your look, you should mix it with additional colors to add some more contrast to your outfit. Another important thing to consider when choosing your color scheme is the backdrop of your shoot. You need to select colors that contrast with that backdrop so that you aren’t washed out or hard to see. Think about the silhouette that you’ll make against your backdrop. This is especially important if you’re filming on a green screen, since clothing of that color will directly blend into the background and replace your clothing with the image being projected (Here’s a funny example.) though we recommend to skip any green screen videos anyway. Also, avoid choosing an outfit that’s all white, unless you happen to be a doctor wearing a lab coat- it can make the exposure tricky to properly adjust.

Presenting Your Brand’s Style

Be sure to put together an outfit that reinforces what you and your brand represent. This is your opportunity to establish yourself by putting a human face on your brand to your target audience, so you want to take some time and think carefully about the messaging you’re trying to send. Reflect on what your brand or business stands for, and then ask yourself if this outfit truly encapsulates that identity. Is your brand more professional and clean-cut, or fun and offbeat? Traditional, or up-to-the-minute trendy? You’ll want to avoid wearing clothing with other people’s labels and logos on them, because you want to present your personal brand, rather than other businesses. It could also bring some legal trouble. That means no Nike swooshes.

The Right Accessories

When choosing accessories,you’ll want to make choices that compliment your outfit without causing a distraction. Long earrings and bracelets can have unpredictable consequences during filming, especially with lighting, so you’ll want to choose smaller, less complicated pieces that compliment your look without grabbing too much attention from your audience. You want your viewers to engage with the content you’re promoting, rather than the flashiness of your accessories.

Overall, don’t sweat your outfit so much that you wear something you’re not comfortable or confident in.Let your personal sense of style inform how best to represent your brand to the world.

If you have questions about what you should wear to your interview or video shoot, contact us.

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