The Key to Uploading Video Content on Instagram

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This guide will cover how to move and upload video content onto Instagram, especially if the file is coming from a desktop computer. A brief history on Instagram as a marketing tool: In the past, Instagram has marketed itself as a digital photo archive platform. But in recent years, the app began including videos in stories and posts as publishable content. To compete with other apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, Instagram entered the digital video publication market on social media.

Because the inclusion of video on Instagram is relatively new, the process of uploading and creating content to post isn’t always intuitive. Instagram offers simple ways for video editing and publication on your smartphone device.

By taking advantage of Instagram’s platform to grow your business through video marketing, you can create a multi-sensory experience for the audience that helps them attain and retain important information about your services and brand.

The Basics

Videos can be uploaded in multiple ways on smartphones. The best file format is usually going to be MP4. Often confused for an upgrade of MP3, MP4 is solely used for multimedia content, meaning files that include audio and visuals.

Instagram caps their video time at 60 seconds. The screen allowance offers a 1080 pixel width and 920-pixel tall experience, which is useful to keep in mind as you edit and upload. This is the allowed video resolution, which indicates the number of pixels Instagram’s software permits for posting multimedia content.

Once you understand the basics of Instagram video file format and resolution, you can dive into how you can get your content on the Gram.

Moving your Files from Desktop to Phone

Publishing video content is similar on both Android and iPhone as the apps are formatted the same. However, if your video file is not already on your phone, such as if it was shot and edited professionally, you need to do an extra step. There are two ways you can transfer your video file from your desktop to your smartphone device.

One way to move the files is through email. If you have your email on your phone, you can download the video file from your email app directly to your smartphone device. The file will most likely appear in your media or photos folder. If not, accessing your device’s file folder through your settings is another option.

The second way to move the video file is to plug your phone directly into your desktop. This is done using your device’s USB charging cord, minus the little brick that actually plugs into the wall. This WikiHow article goes into more detail on how to do this on different devices. 

Publishing via Phone

Once you have secured your file on your phone, you can upload it to your profile. When opening up the Instagram app, you will find a thread of options at the bottom of your screen. The one you want to use is the plus sign.

After clicking on this symbol, you will be brought to a page that shows all the saved photos and videos on your device. Scroll through and select which one you want (a preview will be showcased above the archive of photos).

After you have selected the correct file, click “next” in the top right corner. Instagram will offer the option to use its basic editing software. You can utilize this or continue forward and click “next” again. The final page will give you the opportunity to create a catchy caption or tag any other Instagram users to finish up your post. (If another user is featured or mentioned in your video, it’s a good idea to tag them to give them the opportunity to share the video to their followers, as well.)

You should also add any appropriate hashtags at this stage. Once you’re satisfied with your post, click “share.” Now, your audience can view your content, like it, and share it with their own followers to start building you some traction and brand recognition.

The Final Product

After publication, you can view your video and edit your captions and tags. Instagram users will have the opportunity to comment and like your content. If you want to further increase your visibility, you can also consider paid campaigns to endorse your product or service.

Using Instagram is a great way to increase your business’ social media following and exposure to your brand. The app’s success and 800 million active users will provide a large potential audience for your content. 

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