How to Create a Recruitment Video

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Recruitment videos have always been a key component of a marketing strategy for businesses or organizations looking to build their workforce. In the last few years, these videos have been more prevalent than ever as companies have learned to utilize digital marketing as part of their strategy. More and more organizations have created videos to express their brand, mission, and recruit talent.

Creating a compelling and successful recruitment video takes more than just passion – you need to put together a strategy with your audience in mind and ensure the video is leveraged effectively as part of your marketing strategy. In other words, you need to excite, motivate, and lead your audience to click that “apply now” button.

In other words, recruitment videos are not just about asking people to work for you; they’re a reflection of your organization’s culture and mission. Let’s talk about how you can produce a recruitment video that showcases the value of working with you.

Know Your Audience

It seems that with every new generation, there is a shifting motivation behind work. In general, older generations had a strong, traditional sense of the importance of work, money, and loyalty to their career choice. Younger generations, by comparison, have started to prioritize company values, such as sustainability and work-life balance, over the money offered. Because of these major differences, it is essential to evaluate who your target audience is and produce a video accordingly.

Regardless of who you’re targeting in your recruitment video, your audience members know that taking a job is not all about the money and negotiations often happen later. For your video, the job opportunity is all about the perks, your organization’s mission, and the importance of the organization’s existence. Show your audience why it will be fulfilling for them to be a part of your company.

Create a Strategy

In terms of strategy, you can produce a recruiting video with a similar strategy used for marketing videos. After all, you are marketing your opportunity to your target audience. Utilize interviews to tell your brand’s story, such as testimonials from other employees, insights from hiring managers, and inspiring messages from organization leaders. In fact, interviews with current employees are really important for showcasing the value of working at your organization and can help potential recruits feel that they belong.

You can keep your video general if you’re having a huge hiring spree, or make it very specific if you need to fill a niche talent, like developers or salespeople. There’s no one way to do recruiting when your needs are unique, so be creative and ask yourself what elements your video needs to be effective. 

Use a Strong Call to Action

As with all videos, you’ll need to wrap up with an effective call to action. You’ll need to be clear and direct about what your audience should do next to get involved with your organization. It’s important to remember that job seekers are most likely looking at other positions and companies, so you’ll want to make a lasting impression and move them to act before they exit the video.

Don’t forget to extend this practice to the medium presenting your video. If you’re embedding your recruitment video on your website, make sure the call-to-action phrasing and button are very clear on the page. If you’re sharing the video on social media, use the call to action in the post copy and direct people with a link to the application form. 

Make it as obvious and easy as possible to take those next steps like sending a resume and cover letter. 

Trust Monzo Media Productions for Recruitment Video Production

Without marketing and video production experience, it can be difficult to know where to start when creating your recruitment video. Take time to learn about your audience and have conversations with current employees about what motivates them to work for your organization. These key insights will help inform your strategy as you produce a compelling video that attracts talent.
If you need more guidance on producing your video, contact Monzo Media Productions.

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