What’s the Difference Between Testimonial Videos and Case Study Videos?

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A major theme of marketing that we communicate to our clients is that it’s best to have multiple marketing assets rather than just one. Marketing campaigns are more effective when they focus on specific targets rather than a general appeal to a large audience, and results matter when you’re investing a large sum in the growth of your organization. This theme permeates every marketing decision you make, including the production of testimonial videos and case study videos.

Sometimes our clients are surprised when we distinguish between the two, and it’s true – testimonial videos and case study videos can be similar and overlap each other in purpose. At the same time, there are nuances to each that make them effective in different situations. How do you know when to use one or the other?

What is a Testimonial Video?

If you already have a marketing video for your organization, such as a branding video, you’re likely familiar with filming testimonials. For example, you might have asked a few satisfied clients to speak briefly about their experience with your company and products or services. Testimonial videos take this idea and expand upon it to create a testimonial-specific video. 

Testimonial videos exist to showcase social proof of your organization’s effectiveness and the value of your products or services. While reviews online can be great, many people often still question the validity of these reviews or might not be able to emotionally connect with written testimonies. Video testimonials are valuable because they provide an added layer of proof and communicate the emotional subtleties often lost through the written word.

How is a Case Study Video Different?

While testimonial videos showcase social proof in a very human and emotional way, case studies show proof of value through data. Case study videos also dive into the specifics of a situation. They present the beginning, middle, and end of a customer or client relationship with your organization. 

Case studies will present the initial problem, discuss all the actionable items that your organization set, talk about the process, and present the results. They will include raw data and numbers if applicable rather than just the emotional value found in a testimonial. 

Testimonial Videos and Case Study Videos Still Overlap

While I’ve done my best to distinguish between testimonials and case studies, there is significant overlap. Testimonial videos are certainly more powerful when a client is articulate about the beginning, middle, and end of their experience or the specific results they saw. Case studies can also be more stimulating when an emotional aspect of the situation is communicated.

A good example of the difference would be a testimonial video vs. a case study video for an HVAC company that focuses on saving clients money. In the company’s testimonial video, the customer would talk briefly about how fast, efficient, and helpful the company was during the process. They might talk about the great customer service or friendly employee they encountered that made the experience enjoyable. A case study video would show the raw data of the problem the customer presented to the company juxtaposed with the data showing just how effective the company was at solving the problem – “the client went from paying X amount of dollars a month to only Y amount!”

Having Both Testimonials and Case Studies is Most Effective

You might be thinking that having both testimonial videos and case study videos seems like overkill, but it’s important to recognize that your audience is full of people with different personalities and preferences. While some customers might find it more stimulating and persuasive to hear about the emotional effects of your services and products, others might just need to see the numbers. It’s best to offer both so that you aren’t alienating one huge section of your prospects.

If you’re interested in seeing some examples of testimonials and case study videos, you can browse our reviews page

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