The Value of a Testimonial Video

Client Testimonials

In the last blog, we talked about what a branding video is, what goes into it, as well as the importance of having one. One of the elements we discussed was the fact that you can include testimonials from your clients or customers to help tell your story. Taking that to the next level is having a testimonial video. These types of videos will help elevate your brand by providing deeper stories about clients or customers who have used your product or services, what it was like, and how it has changed their lives.

You might be thinking, why do I need a testimonial video? Aren’t Google and Facebook reviews good enough? While those types of reviews are great and you should absolutely continue to utilize them, a video testimonial allows you to dive deeper into the customer experience. You’ll also be able to see and hear all of the subtle (or not subtle) emotions that the testimonial is giving and it’s also a great way to enhance the social proof that you are legitimate. There are times you might wonder if these written are legitimate testimonials or is it just an employee, friend, or family member helping bump those google and Facebook reviews (which is a big no-no!). It is much more difficult to fake a true video testimonial, hence it allows for more authenticity of your brand.

In terms of thinking about how to create a video testimonial, you can do it in a few ways. You can compile short soundbites of all of your video testimonials into one video to showcase the volume and overall theme of your consistent success or you can have one video per customer. Personally, I prefer focusing on the latter because you can then focus on each customer and each story of that experience. It’s also valuable to do it that way because when you are marketing the video on your website or social media, potential customers may be looking for a specific question or concern they have. Having a video testimonial that focuses on that objection and overcoming that objection is a great way to provide value to your potential new customers/clients. 

In regards to where video testimonials land in the funnel- they are great for retargeting ads if you are running social media ads and you can tailor which testimonial is appropriate for which audience. After a potential customer gets a chance to learn about what your offering is and what makes it unique, now they will be looking to see if it’s legitimate and if it works. Lots of studies show that people are more likely to buy when they see testimonials and reviews. It can often be the tipping point of your conversion rate. 

Testimonial videos should be less about facts and more about the emotional connection on why someone should buy from you. How does your prospect feel before they work with you? What is the experience like? From there, showcase what the outcome is that has changed the life or the business in a positive manner. 

Check out a few examples of a testimonial video here: 

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