What Is Micro Content?

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If you’re at all interested in content creation, you’ve most likely heard of content batching. If you haven’t heard of this, we’re about to blow your mind: You can create a year’s worth of content to publish automatically with only a little bit of effort in just 1 or 2 days. How? The answer is creating micro content.

Simply put, a piece of micro content is a short video, generally only between 5 and 59 seconds long, that packs huge amounts of value for your audience. Content creators can plan to film or create all their micro content videos at the same time and then schedule them to be posted consistently over a long period of time. 

If you want to nurture your network and leads, provide value, and drive traffic, start offering these small video tidbits in your content calendar.

Benefits of Using Micro Content

There are many different types of content a business can publish online, but micro content is unique. When done right, micro content can pack a powerful message while lessening the chance of your viewers losing interest or getting distracted. Micro content also cuts down on the time you need to dedicate to content creation, allowing you to focus on your core business instead.

Unlike longer forms of content, like blogs, articles, case studies, and full-length videos, micro content is extremely easy to absorb. It cuts right to the point because the video only has enough time to highlight the point. For example, it can feature the most inspiring line delivered in an interview, the most moving soundbite from a testimonial video, or the most helpful tip from a thought leader. 

If you plan properly, you can shoot your short videos in batches. With practice and foresight, you can create 50 of these videos in only 1 or 2 days if they’re simple enough. Once you’ve figured out how to batch content like this, you can have videos for use throughout the year, scheduled on autopilot. With less effort and time spent, you’ll gain consistency in both the frequency of your social media posts and in the value you provide.

How to Take Advantage of Micro Content

If you provide educational content, try creating a series of short videos that deliver the most important lessons in very simplified terms. If you want to show off your business, create a micro content series with visually exciting footage of your workplace, your bestselling products, or your employees in action.

Micro content has limitless potential, so get creative with what you choose to highlight. Keep in mind what your target audience would be most interested in seeing, and don’t forget to implement these videos into a larger funnel that you’ve created. 

The best places to post these videos are on platforms that prioritize short video content, such as on Instagram and Facebook as Reels, on TikTok as posts, or on YouTube as Shorts. Make sure you always provide a call to action and links to the next stage of your sales funnel, such as your website or shop. Micro content also works great for LinkedIn as well.

Get Started Making Micro Content

If you’re interested in seeing how micro content works or discovering new styles, check out the Monzo Media Productions YouTube channel. A great example is our “Biggest Mistake – No Purpose” video, delivering in half a minute one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when producing a video or creating content. 

No more planning out an entire storyboard, casting, filming for weeks, and going through an extensive editing process. Instead, sit down, jot down some topics to talk about and film yourself for 30 seconds. Add some text and pre-made outro graphics and schedule to publish whenever you want. It can be this easy for you!

Want more advice on creating micro content? Contact Monzo Media Productions and let’s talk about your video marketing goals.

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