What Nonprofit and Schools Can Learn from My Corporate Clients

I’ve spoken about how corporate companies could learn from my nonprofit and school clients when it comes to powerful video marketing campaigns using storytelling and long-term strategies. On the other hand, I want to address the many strengths that my corporate clients have when tackling video marketing campaigns. While nonprofits and schools typically focus on human connection and their community-centric missions, my corporate clients have a keen interest in the business side of video marketing that serves them well.

Of course, every organization is unique, so these generalizations shouldn’t be taken as full-proof. Instead, I think it’s important to address the ways these verticals typically approach video marketing so that we can all learn from each other without judgment.

The Call-to-Action Phrase Is Everything

If you regularly follow my blog, you’ll know how important call-to-action phrases are to video marketing strategy. Without calls to action, your viewers are left hanging at the end of your video, unsure of where to go next for more information or how to take action. Knowing your call to action from the beginning of video planning also helps you to create a video marketing campaign that serves your goals effectively.

My corporate clients have fully understood the power of the call to action, as they’re familiar with this tactic in other aspects of their organization. They are customer-driven and sales-oriented, and the call to action is an integral part of this sales process. On the flip side, nonprofits and schools tend to shy away from this type of messaging because they are concerned about being perceived as “salesy.” If you are concerned about this, please reconsider. Building a video marketing campaign means creating a funnel in which you must guide your viewers from beginning to end, regardless of what your goal is for their participation. 

Video Marketing Can Be Internal, Too

While nonprofits and schools do a great job of outreach through many different channels to their external target audience, I’ve seen corporate clients use creative video marketing campaigns internally in effective ways. They’ve done everything from building educational courses for employees to embedding videos in internal newsletters. The list of opportunities is endless for how you can use videos, and my corporate clients really understand this.

Track Analytics and Return On Investment

Corporate organizations naturally focus on the bottom line and are often assessing their investments to determine whether they should continue to allocate their budget toward certain efforts. The only way to make these decisions is to have the data to inform them, and this is where analytics comes into play. Tracking analytics regarding how videos are reaching the audience and whether they achieve the marketing goals is key to corporate video marketing success. Not only does this data help decide whether to continue the efforts, but also helps to determine whether weaknesses exist so strategies can keep improving.

Learn From Others to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

Approaching video marketing with an eye on the bottom line and creative internal efforts are unique aspects of corporate video marketing that I believe nonprofits and schools can benefit from implementing. In addition to the long-term strategy of storytelling and humanizing your brand, nonprofits and schools can formulate a strategy that continues to improve their return on investment and use data to back up their decisions. 

Corporate clients can learn from nonprofits and schools as well, which I’ve discussed in the next blog: What My Corporate Clients Can Learn From My Nonprofit and School Clients.
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