How to Use Student-Parent Experience Videos to Highlight a School’s Success

How to Use Student-Parent Experience Videos to Highlight a School’s Success

Part III of the School Video Deep Dive Series

In part three of our school video deep dive series, we’re going to focus on the concept of “social proof” as a way to promote your school. Specifically, we’re going to explain how to showcase various success stories by highlighting student and parent experiences in a marketing video. These videos, which we’ll refer to as “student-parent experience videos,” focus on both the experience and transformation that families can expect if they choose to invest in their student’s education through enrollment.

How these videos take shape largely depends on the values and priorities of the school. For instance, parents may choose enrollment in hopes that their children become more adjusted, successful students. In that case, your school marketing videos should emphasize transformation through education. On the other hand, if your school focuses on offering a loving and nurturing environment, then your marketing should highlight the emotional experience of the school community. Regardless of exact messaging, these school videos ultimately fulfill a family’s need to hear from other families about their experiences before they commit.

What Is a Student-Parent Experience Video?

A student-parent experience video is simple yet open-ended. In 3 minutes or less, this video should highlight what it’s like to be a student and parent at your institution using testimonies and relevant footage. This asset within your school video marketing campaign should follow the lead of the flagship general admissions video by carrying out the already-established themes and values.

The student-parent experience videos should speak to both students and parents because the opinions of both work together to create a compelling narrative. Students understand the experience of your school firsthand, while parents invest their money and time into helping their children thrive. Typically, parents like hearing from other parents about their experiences, and students likewise appreciate hearing from their peers.

There is a lot of room to get creative and tailor the student-parent experience video towards your school’s priorities. It can be helpful to take stock of inspirational success stories in your community and identify any trends or common themes. Keep in mind that this video should target the specific type of family that your school focuses their marketing efforts on, so the success stories should be relatable to that audience.

Types of Student-Parent Experience Videos

The key to successful student-parent experience videos are powerful, sometimes emotional, interviews with students and parents. Beyond that, the video can follow a few different formats. Which format you choose will depend on the kind of success stories you have in your community and whether you have leftover footage from filming your general admissions video (evergreen video assets) that you can incorporate. 

One way you can frame your student-parent experience video is to think about it through the lens of the arts, academics, or athletics. For example, if there are students that found refuge in your school’s art program or turned around their grades because of your exceptional academic offerings and excellent faculty, then the video can focus on the students’ experiences in those programs.

How many student-parent experience videos you choose to produce is entirely up to you. Some school marketing campaigns might be more effective with multiple videos that cover various stories, programs, or grade levels in-depth. On the other hand, you can choose to have one video in which you compile several testimonies into one overarching theme. Ideally, your video production company will have developed a video marketing plan with you prior to filming and helped you prepare the school for a video production.

If you have a very strong singular story you can focus on, you could make a video just about that one family. Ideally, this video would be a few minutes long and show the transformation of the family in a three-part structure (the family’s situation before, during, and after their experience at the school). This type of video is especially powerful if the family is representative of a target audience that would relate to the message.

Repurposing Student-Parent Stories for School Marketing

Once you have finished your student-parent experience video, you can maximize its value by sharing it across multiple channels. First, you should ensure that your video is properly featured on your school’s website. Then, you can distribute it through targeted Facebook advertisements, email marketing campaigns, and even at open houses.

Ready to begin creating student-parent experience videos for your school’s video marketing campaign?  Contact Monzo Media Productions today to set up a consultation about your school video marketing campaign.

How to Create Evergreen Video Assets

How to Create Evergreen Video Assets

Getting started on filming for your main marketing video is exciting, but before you dive in, you might want to consider the opportunities of what you’re about to capture. You might have thought that film day preparations ended with setting up plans for this one video, but you’d be doing yourself and your brand a disservice to not think further ahead.

As part of your overall marketing strategy, you should be integrating this video into a solid sales funnel or enrollment funnel set up for your school, nonprofit, or business. Whether you’re looking to get more leads, increase sales, improve enrollment, or promote more fundraising opportunities, creating “evergreen” video assets as in repurposing content used or not yet used will set your organization up for continued success while saving time and money on filming. 

Creating evergreen video assets is a matter of identifying what you should film and edit so that you have a bounty of usable footage for future videos. Properly build up evergreen video assets during your film day(s) by keeping the following tips in mind during your pre-production, filming, and editing processes.

Planning During Pre-Production

As you’re looking to create assets that will capture your brand identity and achieve conversions, you should be doing ample research on your film location and the people you’ll be interviewing. While you think ahead about actions, events, and wide location shots that you can capture on film to build up valuable B-roll footage, you should also compose interview questions that will elicit both general and specific comments from interviewees with future video subjects in mind. 

For example, if you are filming a marketing video for your private school, you’ll probably have a list of students and faculty to interview. You’ll of course want to get their comments on their experience at the school, but you’ll also want to ask questions targeted towards their expertise and interests. If you interview a student who is very involved in the music program, you should ask them about their experience playing in band and plan to shoot B-roll footage of the music department. You might not use this footage for the first video, but these shots can be utilized for other content.

Staying Flexible While Filming

A general rule of thumb for film day is that you should get more footage than you believe you’ll ever use. Once filming is over and you sit down to review the footage, you’ll likely realize that there are many options to work with, but for this particular subject, a majority won’t be needed for the first video you produce. That doesn’t mean your film day was a waste, but rather you can use that footage for future video content to improve your sales funnels. Maintain this mindset as you film throughout the day, and don’t be afraid to think on your feet. Stick to your plans to capture footage for your first video, but think about all the footage as reusable in the future. 

Make sure to capture enough shots of the location and the activities that take place there. As you interview people, notice whether they’ve said something really interesting that can branch off to become its own video. For instance, if a teacher mentions how they’ve integrated technology into their classroom, make sure to get footage of computers and other equipment in the school.

Editing with Potential Content in Mind

Once you sit down to edit, you’ll realize you have hours of footage for only a 2- to 3-minute video, and that’s great news. Not only will you be able to pick out the best shots for your first marketing video, but you’ll be able to shelve hours of content for future use. 

As you go through each shot, think about the content in different lights. Does this interviewee have something really unique to say? Ideally, you would have planned ahead for this scenario and captured relevant B-roll footage, but sometimes people have surprising answers to questions. If you didn’t capture enough relevant footage, you can still use their soundbite as a short video for social media, email marketing, or other lead-nurturing content.

Fill Your Content Vault with Evergreen Video Assets

When you’re going through the video production process, it’s essential to plan ahead and remain flexible. Whether you have one day to film or a whole week, you can properly plan and film with evergreen video assets in mind.

To fully utilize your filming time, you can hire experienced professionals who prioritize your marketing plan and set you up for success. Monzo Media Productions is passionate about telling your story and helping your organization achieve its goals. 

Ready to tell your story? Connect with us today to maximize your video content production and optimize your audience reach. 

What to Look for When Hiring a Video Production Company

What to Look for When Hiring a Video Production Company

Regardless of whether you are a private school, a business, or a nonprofit, if you’re considering hiring a video production company that doesn’t have a lot of reviews or a substantial portfolio, hit the pause button. You might have been thinking that you can find a recent college graduate or a startup that might do videos for free or lost cost in exchange for “exposure.” Sure, they’ll carry out the task as requested and leave you to market the rest, but remind yourself why you’re hiring a videographer in the first place. Can this company or individual really deliver a quality product that saves you valuable time and, most importantly, generates results? Maybe they can (and trust me, we’ve been in that place) but that makes it even more important to vet them out.

To help you avoid the common mistakes that organizations make when choosing a video production company, we’ve put together a list of values, skills, and services that are essential to find in a partner. If you can’t check off most of these boxes, it’s fair to say they might not be a great fit and you’ll be wasting your marketing budget.

Your Video Partner Understands Overall Marketing Strategy

It goes without saying that you need a company that can prove high-quality production capability, but what about one with marketing experience? Marketing and communications professionals can put together a plan and try to direct the video production themselves, but they shouldn’t have to. 

When hiring a partner for your video project, you shouldn’t have to micromanage. A good video production company will fully understand marketing principles and how video content fits into marketing strategy. Videos are not just fancy pieces of content, and they should not be filmed and produced without consideration for the rest of your content strategy and goals.

An experienced video production company will sit down with you to get to know your brand and your marketing goals. They’ll ask about your values, target audience, what’s currently working and what’s not working, your unique value proposition, and of course the goal that they want the video(s) to produce. By the end of the first meeting, you should be confident in their ability to frame your videos as a part of your marketing strategy.

They Offer More than Just One Video

“Tequila” by The Champs. “I’m Gonna Be” by The Proclaimers. “Hooked On a Feeling” by Blue Swede. These are all one-hit-wonders. While these songs are iconic in their own right, have you ever bothered to look further at the album? How often has the band stayed on your mind? 

One-hit-wonders may propel a group to fame, but the record deal proves to be a costly bet when the rest of the music doesn’t live up to the hype. It’s similar for businesses, schools, and nonprofits that put up just one video, hoping to jump sales by 500%, yet don’t support their hit with a cohesive video marketing plan and other engaging content.

A good video production company should advise against putting all your eggs in one basket. One video is truly not enough when you’re carrying out a marketing plan. Surely, you want each video to knock it out of the park, but you’ll need a steady flow of content to connect with your target audience and build loyalty.

You want to work with a video production company that doesn’t lose sight of results. Your target audience should be compelled to seek more content and keep discovering information about your brand, value, and points of differentiation. By producing more than one video, you can build a better relationship with your audience and increase conversions. A great example might be a private school in the Philadelphia area who has a great general admissions video, but also has multiple videos about the programs they offer, how they handle tuition assistance, and any extracurriculars. These are just some examples of how a school can use multiple videos to propel their value to prospective families.

They Set You Up for Success

Hiring a video production company shouldn’t mean just exchanging money for a finished product; rather, your investment shouldn’t stop at posting the video. As stated previously, find a video production company that sets you up for success by helping you maximize on your new content for months, even years (and that will help you save money and time in the long run). 

You should be confident your video partner can provide:

  •     Evergreen content that can be repurposed
  •     Educational resources and marketing guidance
  •     Advertising distribution services that boost the reach of your new videos (or they know of someone who can help with distribution)
  •     A long-term partnership, built on trust and communication, that keeps your future efforts in mind
  •     An actionable plan with strategies to get measurable results 

It helps when your video production company asks, “What does success look like for you?” Based on your response, they should lay out a plan with actionable steps to achieve success. Clearly communicating goals and working together for results is the hallmark of a strong partnership that will be poised to meet your marketing goals and hopefully exceed them. 

Find Your Ideal Video Production Partner

Knowing what to look for in a video production company is essential when choosing a partner. You need to be confident that the money you invest converts to results now and in the future. Monzo Media Productions holds steadfast to these values and services, underscoring the importance of a well-rounded marketing plan and the high-quality videos that play an important role in your content strategy.

So, we ask: What does success look like for you? Connect with us today, and let’s work together to put your marketing plan in motion.

Why Shorter Videos are Often Better

Why Shorter Videos are Often Better

Video is the new King of Content. It’s how you get your clients to notice you when you’re competing for precious screen real estate and even more precious attention spans. The most sophisticated brand building and marketing campaigns are starting to include video as a key component right alongside social posts and blog content. The only question is how to optimize the video content you create to engage your distracted and time-crunched viewers. As a general rule, shorter videos have a higher chance of impacting your target audience than longer videos.

We’re living increasingly digitized lifestyles, and your clients expect and demand information to be easy to find, easy to digest, and succinct. Your audience has limitless options available for information and entertainment, and they’ve forgotten how to devote their focus to any one thing for an extended period of time. In other words, they don’t feel obligated to spend time with your video, and they have no problem clicking away if they don’t see what they are looking for quickly.

Due to the new marketing challenges of this digital age, it’s more important than ever that the content and length of your videos are carefully curated to align with your audience’s expectations. That’s the only way you’ll convince them to actually watch, click, and call.

What’s the Optimal Length for Video Content?

There’s no hard and fast rule that can tell you exactly how long your video should be to accommodate your viewers. You have to figure out what type of content you’re promoting and who your target audience is before even going into production.

For example, if you were leading a sales meeting, you wouldn’t want to open with a five-minute video. That will ensure that they’ll be more absorbed in their bagels and coffee than your pitch.  Instead, you would want to set the tone of your meeting with a much shorter piece, and then fill in the gaps for prospective customers and partners afterwards. If you were creating a branding video, you would want to ensure your content doesn’t exceed about two minutes in order to give yourself a better chance of grabbing attention.

That said, there are situations where longer pieces are appropriate. Educational videos can be significantly longer because viewers are specifically seeking out this content to learn something they think is valuable, which means they’re willing to spend more time on your piece.

Do What it Takes to Create an Engaging Video

If the content of your video isn’t interesting, even three minutes can feel like an eternity for the audience. This is why it’s critical to spend the time and resources to create engaging videos that truly resonate with your viewers. An unscripted blurb on a handheld iPhone isn’t always going to cut it.

Don’t assume that filming a shorter video means that it’ll take less time to shoot and edit. A high quality, effective 30-second video can take over 20 hours to produce. A 15-minute training video may only take four hours to deliver. Production time varies greatly depending on your unique marketing needs and goals, but it’s always worth it to go the extra mile in creating truly compelling video content that grabs the attention of your audience and doesn’t let go. If it’s not worth doing right, it’s not worth doing. Give me a call at Monzo Media if you want to talk about a good target length for your next piece of video collateral, and how we can use video to get your audience’s attention.